2 weeks.


I have a countdown app on my phone. I look at it constantly. Expectantly. Anxiously.

It wasn’t that long ago that it was just about 2 months. Today, it is now officially less than 2 weeks.

On the 27th, my name will legally be Oliver.
I will change my gender markers as well.
I will legally be a man.

My plan is to head from the courthouse to the Social Security Administration office and then to the DMV. Depending on how things go – I will then go to the bank so I can finally use my debit card again with confidence.

I can’t wait to feel relief. To feel recognized. To have legal backup.

On May 1, I will have a different (better) health insurance. That means I am shopping around for surgeons already. I have 2 in mind so far. One is super close, but in all honesty, I don’t think he will operate on me based on my weight. The other is about an hour away, not too bad. I can’t wait to have a chest that makes me feel comfortable. I can’t wait to stop binding and be able to take solid deep breaths regularly.

Life is getting good.

Sadly, for many, life isn’t getting good – it is getting harder. With more and more “bathroom bills” being proposed, states are in effect, criminalizing body functions for trans folk – especially trans women. States are claiming religious freedom trumps human rights. Maybe I am idealistic – but my theology states that all people are created in the image of God and thus have rights, value, and should be respected.

I pray for my friends in those states facing these bills. I pray for the lawmakers to see how this is just a new version of segregation. I pray for safety. I pray for bladders to not be infected. I pray that folks don’t get injured. I pray thanksgiving that I am safe, loved, and affirmed. I praise God that I pass well enough to not be looked at twice when I go to a public restroom. I give thanks that in 2 weeks, I can show an ID that says male.


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