A couple of months back, I found myself writing out a statement of faith. What I thought would be easy- I mean, I love God and am obsessed with theology – became daunting. I kept writing and re-writing it for weeks. I finally got it to a place that I thought was clear and honestly, I was proud of it. I still am.
There is a point in it that I want to share –

Genesis states that God created both male and female in Their* image.  God used Themselves as a template for humanity and imparted Their spiritual essence into flesh. God molded us to be similar to Them. We are flesh and spirit.
Now here is where I take a less traveled fork in the road.
Both male and female in Their image. God’s image is both male and female. God transcends gender. God is not a man. God is not a “he”.

A year and a half ago, while researching for a sociology project, I had the opportunity to interview a film maker who was working on a documentary about transgender religious leaders. One of the things he said struck me. I remember meeting with my pastor to flat out ask if that was true. He said that trans folk are better suited to ministry than their cisgender counterparts in that they are closer to God because they have both sides of God in them.
I’ve contemplated that statement regularly especially these past six months. I don’t know if I agree totally with that, but it does give me comfort. What I do believe though, is that in a sense, God is transgender. God supersedes any and all notions of gender. God is under the trans umbrella. Agender, Genderqueer, Non-Binary, Gender Fluid, etc.
God gets me. God affirms me. My gender is not a sin anymore than God is sinning with Their gender.

Somewhere around 10 years ago, I was pet sitting for a pastor of mine at the time, and I was watching some sermons on tape (like I said, I love theology) and one of them was about the word Hebrew. The speaker said that it means to pass or cross over. I looked it up and this is what I found late Old English, from Old French Ebreu, from Latin Hebraeus, from GreekHebraios, from Aramaic ‘ebhrai, corresponding to Hebrew ‘ibhri “anIsraelite,” literally “one from the other side,” in reference to the RiverEuphrates, or perhaps simply signifying “immigrant;” from ‘ebher “region on the other or opposite side.” The noun is c.1200, “the Hebrew language;”late 14c. of persons, originally “a biblical Jew, Israelite.”

I want to point out “one from the other side”. You see, the prefixes cis and trans are taken from organic chemistry : “The terms “cis” and “trans” are from Latin, in which cis means “on this side”[2] and trans means “on the other side” or “across”…

I believe that it is not an accident that God’s chosen people of the Bible, the Hebrews are ones who crossed over. I believe it is not an accident that I have felt called and chosen by God – and I too have crossed over.



*I use They/Them/Their for God’s pronouns


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